Allard's new book is both a stunning retrospective and a compellingly frank memoir of his unconventional life as a cosmopolitan photographer and writer Always in search of pictures that ask questions and tell stories, Allard masterfully captures beauty, mystery and a globe-trekker's love of the serendipitous. "Many of the pictures in this book were found along a road, in a bar, down a street," he says. "Often I wasn't looking for anything in particular...Just looking."

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Photo: Diana Robinson
THE SON OF A SWEDISH IMMIGRANT, William Albert Allard was born in 1937 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He studied at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts and the University of Minnesota.

Allard is a photographer of people. From the beginning of his illustrious career in 1964 as a National Geographic photographic intern, Allard has contributed to 42 Geographic articles as a staff, freelance, and contract photographer and writer. His stories for the magazine have included "Rodeos: Behind the Chutes," "India's Untouchables," Bohemian Rhapsody," and "Hutterite Sojourn."

Allard has published five previous highly acclaimed books including his first, Vanishing Breed, of which the Associated Press said, "This is a classic." Published in 1982,Vanishing Breed was nominated for The American Book Award for 1982, and was the winner of the Wrangler Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Western Art Book, 1983, and was awarded the Leica Medal of Excellence, 1983.

Other books include:
The Photographic Essay
A Time We Knew: Images of Yesterday in the Basque Homeland
Time At the Lake: A Minnesota Album
Portraits of America

Allard received the University of Minnesota Outstanding Achievement Award, 1994.
The Joseph A. Sprague Memorial Award, 2002
University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communications Award for Excellence, 2004

Since Geographic's elimination of a photographic staff in 2008, Allard is now once again a freelance photographer and writer.

Allard shares his time between his homes outside Charlottesville, Virginia, and in Missoula, Montana, with his wife Ani, their son Anthony, and two dogs, Buster and Lizzy.