Wall Street Journal/National Geographic Weekend

I’m still floundering around with lots of loose ends after getting back from 10 days up on Montana’s Hi-Line and then taking part since Thursday night through Saturday in the annual Montana Festival of the Book held in Missoula.  It was as always, enjoyable and also exhausting.  And I spent a bunch of money on books but that’s the idea, isn’t it, to support books and those who create them.

On Sunday I got word from a friend that my new book William Albert Allard: Five Decades, received a really fine review in the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal.  Check it out by going to: Wall Street Journal review of William Albert Allard.  I guess maybe I shouldn’t announce the arrival of a great review; I’m sure I wouldn’t alert you to a really bad one, but I didn’t expect to show up in that paper and so I’m letting you know that’s it’s out there and quite honestly, it feels good.

Also–I’ll be on air in an interview of about 5-6 minutes this Sunday on “National Geographic Weekend” with Boyd Matson.  He’s on XM satellite radio, I think around 12:00 noon, but I’m not sure, and also on some FM stations, I believe.

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3 Responses to Wall Street Journal/National Geographic Weekend

  1. sheldon green says:

    Good review, except they list the photo as Brian Morris when it is Stan Kendall on the day he quit the ranch. Even WSJ makes mistakes! Looking forward to the book I’ve ordered. Hope one day to have you sign it. Been a long time since I workshopped with you in Maine — 1984, but the lessons live on every time I raise the camera to my eye. I did a book and a show last year — all portraits done from your influence. Can’t wait to see your new essay. BTY, how did that 28-300 lens work out. Seems rather slow for being a workhorse.

    • Sheldon, nice to hear from you. I can overlook the confusion regarding Brian Morris vs Stan Kendall and the quote. It might be an easy mistake because the quote is pulled from within my introductory text. As for the lens, what’s really slow now days with the extreme ISOs available? All the best to you,


  2. Doug Brewer says:

    Congrats on the good review. I have the book on my wish list for my birthday this month, and am looking forward to it.

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