Way Behind

I’ve fallen far behind in posting anything. It seems there have been lots of things to attend to lately, trying to write, trying to organize a possible mini-exhibit, and thinking about what to trailer out to Montana and what to leave behind. I don’t like to just throw something out on the blog that comes off the top of my head. That’s not my strength, I think. I’d rather wait until I’ve something to say that might be worth listening to and then trying to carve it into shape so it makes sense and might even be a pleasure for some to read.

Brian Storm and Rick Gershon, his associate camera man left to drive back to NYC yesterday afternoon after spending the weekend with me at our place on the mountain near Charlottesville. Brian is starting a multi-media program on my work and career and we spent quite a few hours just talking. One wouldn’t think that could be exhausting but it can be, I discovered. It was nice having them and they allowed us to shut down on Saturday in time to watch the VCU vs Butler game in the NCAA semi-finals. We watched it with Anthony, my son, who is a senior at VCU. They lost, unfortunately, but were not embarrassed. ¬†They played well, just not well enough. That happens to us all, doesn’t it, at one point or another. We ate some good bar-b-que at the Blue Ridge Pig just up the road from our place. And drank a considerable amount of beer, with the exception of some Texas brand from a six-pack given to Anthony by a girl he knows. If she’s drinking that stuff regularly she’s not going to impress many folks beyond the cheap beer student crowd. They’ll drink anything, it seems.

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