It seems I spoke a bit too soon about how the Rocky Mountain School of Photography “Western Traditions” workshop I’m teaching will begin. It will NOT start with pasta, beer and wine at the little house Ani and I have in Missoula. Traditionally, I guess, the first night always starts at the RMSP building in a classroom. Understandable, I guess, because they have a blackboard and some things can be written out. The format we will follow for the week will be explained during that session. I’m hoping, however, that we will be able to finish early enought to still be able to reconvene at our house for pasta if you haven’t eaten, and beer and wine and water and some social interaction outside a classroom atmosphere. I greatly believe in getting an exchange going between attendees and teachers early on and I believe in outside classroom atmosphere. Many if not most of the evenings during the week after we get started will be filled by photographing either at the powwow or at the rodeo. I haven’t as yet been told if the rodeo is an evening rodeo or afternoon. But rest assured, your evenings will be calling you to work. So, if at all possible, I’m hoping we can sit/stand around in my house and back yard and get to know each other starting right away. We’ll have a workshop finale dinner, I believe, but I’d like to also start with something along those lines. In fact, I’m looking forward to it.

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