When I started this blog last year I intended for it to be not something I would necessarily do every day and I’ve certainly fulfilled that goal. It’s been well over a month since my last post. It’s not that I’ve not been writing, rather the opposite. I’ve been concentrating on finishing some fiction I started quite some time ago, maybe a dozen years ago, at least. I’m trying to write everyday. And rewrite every day. I enjoy it and some days actually think it might be worth reading when I’m finally done. Of course, we know the old Joseph Conrad quote in that regard: “No work is ever done. It’s merely abandoned.” Or something like that if that’s not exact.

I admire, if not envy, those bloggers who get something off their minds or chests or depths of obligatory guilt feelings. Sorry to say, it’s just not an everyday thing for me. It’s a bit like my feelings about Facebook and Twitter: is there nothing better to do, is this getting to be a habit, is this trip necessary?

Anyway, I’ll be back here again when I have something to share that I think might be worth sharing. I hope I don’t disappoint anyone and I’m quite grateful to those who have told me they enjoy my occasional blog. That’s nice to know.

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  1. Mr. Allard, I met you a couple of years ago at the C-ville Festival of the Photograph, and I also heard you the year before when you spoke at the same place. I have much respect for you as a photographer as well as writer/speaker. I admire your decision not to just fill up a page to fill up a page. I’m happy to wait until you feel you have something worth being said. Take your time.

  2. Occasionality is where it’s at Bill.

  3. Larren says:

    Always look forward to your blogs – but will really look forward to your fiction!

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