We’ve been three days above Montana’s Hi-Line, in the northeast corner of the state and it’s been pretty much three days of rain. My discouragement as a photographer (because rain and it’s accompanying light isn’t what I’d hoped for on this journey) can’t compare, I’m sure, with the discouragement of the many wheat farmers here who simply can’t get into the fields to get their crops. In this country of sparse moisture rain has been traditionally welcomed, often prayed for, but this year they got it in the spring, enough to slow the seeding, and now they’ve had it strong in harvest season and you can’t combine wet wheat fields. And tonight may bring a freeze. Farming has always been a crap game of sorts, all is up for grabs and there are virtually no guarantees when it comes to the weather.

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  1. miki says:

    Bill, your website looks lovely! Nice to stumble upon your blog.

  2. Charley says:

    Hi Bill

    Agreed, your website is beautifully constructed, really easy on the eye. The photography is naturally gorgeous. I’ll be checking your blog and commenting often. I’m glad to have found it :)

    Also, I’m buying your latest book as a birthday present to myself ~ huzzah!

    Very best to you,

    (I’m the Aussie lady from Queensland you helped a while back, re: tracking down the photos of the kiddies in the Basque country. How thrilling it was to find those photos here on your site. They’re as poignant as ever.)

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