My interior clock is still far from getting in sync having arrived back from my workshop in Bangkok on Saturday and now in three days I head for Goa, India where I’ll have an exhibit at the first Goa International Photo Festival. I’m afraid my normal sleep habit is doomed for some time. On the positive side, my Beyond The Frame photography workshop in Bangkok was a major success. Superbly organized by Bangkok based photographer Gavin Gough, assisted by his fellow Bangkok based photojournalist Jack Kurtz, our 14 attendees brought their interestingly varied non photographic lives into a group that I believe truly advanced in their individual visions from where we started. I have never anywhere been involved in a workshop better organized. Gavin and Jack had a menu of about 20 story subject possibilities to offer students, thereby eliminating the need for students to eat up a day or more looking for a focus. Some of the students had taken a workshop from Gavin before and obviously knew how professionally he operated and how giving an instructor he was, as was Jack. It was a genuine pleasure to join Gavin and Jack and the students in Bangkok. It could not have gone better nor could the facilities been topped.

Now with less than a week of reentering my normal time zone, I leave for Goa, India in three days. In Goa I’ll join up with others for the first Goa International Photo Festival instigated by The One School Goa photography school which is giving me an exhibit. Many Indian photographers will be shown, also a number of notable British photographers including Martin Parr, and a small selection of American artists including David Turnley, Ed Kashi, Judy Dater, Michael Christopher Brown, Catherine Karnow, and myself. Not all photographers will be present. I do know that David Turnley will be there and I look forward to seeing him. The Festival runs from February 10 to 22. I’ll arrive back home on the 24th and probably hibernate as best possible until being able to wake at normal hours in the morning, every morning.

March will be for recovery and relaxation although preparing tax return info is far from that and that’s what always happens in March at our house. But then comes April and Paris. There’s a lot of truth to that old bit, “We’ll always have Paris.” Ani and I will have it for 11 days and will celebrate our 32nd on April 16, hopefully aboard the dinner boat Le Calife where I made the lead image to my small Parisian essay “Love and Loss on the Seine” which appeared in the May 2014 issue of National Geographic. I never did eat the two times I tried to document the evening boat ride. This time I’ll have to stay seated, at least most of the time. If I don’t there may not be a 33rd.

I almost forgot to say that there are some spots open for my late April workshop at the Palm Springs California festival.  Lots of esteemed photographers will be around and it should be a fine gathering.  Come join us.

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