Back home a day less than a week but my interior clock still has me rising far earlier in the morning than needed. Those ten and a half hours difference between the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and the beaches of Goa, India still have me a bit off sync. But what a marvelous two weeks it was with Shantanu Sheorey, Mahesh Bhatt, the rest of The One School Goa faculty and, of course, the students.  I got much pleasure from hanging out at the school and checking out the students’ work.  Early in my stay I had the pleasure of sharing time with David Turnley and some wonderful Indian photographers.  Manoj Jadhav, Samar Jodha, and Prashant Godbole, especially.  Great gentlemen and wonderful photographers.  I hope out paths will cross again.

Shantanu Sheorey, a legend in his own right with many years of acclaimed photographic work while based in Mumbai, has done a superb job founding and directing The One School Goa.  The School’s first annual Goa International Photo Festival was a huge success with wonderful exhibits, all of them printed by the students at the school once Shantanu had them locked in on their technics.  They made some very impressive prints.

I hope to return to Goa and the school sometime in the future.  Judging from the superb work that’s been accomplished in the two brief years the school has existed, the future looks bright, indeed.

Now I just need to stay home long enough to get my mind and body in the right time zone.

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