Several days ago I received Karen Kuehn’s wonderful new book, “Karen Kuehn, Maverick Camera: The Photographs and Stories of Karen Kuehn.”  Karen Kuehn is a portraitist of the first order, somehow making special connections with her subjects that vary from people on the street to icons of movies, sports, art (including a hilarious look at an unclad SallyMann); folks of all walks and callings. I found great joy in turning the pages of this self produced book, one that should easily rank in the short lists of photo books of the year.  Accompanying the images are stories and insights by the photographer about the subjects and some of the experiences in capturing the moments. My copy is a numbered one, from within the middle ranks of 1,000. I’m not sure if this is the total press run but if it is you’d best try tomorrow or better yet, tonight, to somehow get yourself a book. It’s worth every effort and instantly collectible. Now that I think of it, I don’t see any price indicated anywhere on the book so it’s probably not even out there for sale. Maybe she did this book with the full intent of just giving it to people she cares about. Damn, you’d think I’d know, I’m quoted in a long blurb on the back. Well, if you can’t find a copy, find someone who does have it and take a look. You’ll love it.  The title says it’s by a maverick but it’s also magical.  It even made me want to do a blog.
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