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Just a quick word that my new book WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD: Five Decades, a retrospective, is on sale in the stores starting today. This is a book of words as well as pictures; there are stories that appear in paragraphs on a page and stories that come to you from within the frame lines of a given image.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed writing; I wanted to be a writer before I wanted to be a photographer and then I found myself wanting be be both. There are many similarities between the two disciplines, as the students at the workshop in Jackson Hole last week heard me preach. What you leave out is every bit as important as what you include, the old Hemingway thing, I guess, but it’s true. My hope with this book was to give it, as I tried to give my other five books, it’s own personality seen and felt because of the two voices involved: my voice as a writer and my voice as a photographer. How is it possible, to have a “voice” as a photographer? Well, I think we remember some pictures as we remember some songs, because they sing to us individually. And, as I write in this book, I want my pictures to sing. I hope you will enjoy my songs.

I’ll try to get back to you about that Photography at the Summit workshop in Jackson Hole last week. Rich Clarkson invites me every year and every year I look forward to joining with some of my good friends who have been at the top of their game for many years and some who are relatively new, in a group teaching effort that I think comprises a workshop faculty that is among the best if not the absolute best offering to be found in the seemingly ever expanding world of photography workshops. I’d like to share some of last week with you when things slow down for me out here in Montana. I may have to do it from the road after I leave Missoula with Buster and Lizzy for the Hi-Line on Saturday, but I’ll get to it. I’ll have to drop Lizzy, the terrorist, with a vet in Shelby, but Buster will go on with me and maybe when my work is done he’ll get to hunt for a day or two. Poor guy, he doesn’t get out as much as he’d love to but I’ve been busy.

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  1. Diana says:

    Congratulations on the fabulous book, Bill! Good luck on the Hi-Line. I hope you get some great shots.

  2. Neven says:

    Congratulations on the great book.your work was always inspiring for us.

  3. RedMango says:

    Very nice post!

  4. Kia ora… Hi Bill,

    Really nice to finally see you have a website presence of your own. I’ve looked many times in the past, but to no avail. And then today I discovered this. Fantastic.

    And congratulations on the book. I will keep my eye out for copies to arrive in stores down here in New Zealand. If not, I’ll order it from the web.

    And as coincidence would have it, I have just had my own 20 retrospective book of photojournalism published this October by New Zealand Geographic (yes, we have our own little Geographic magazine for this tiny corner of the planet too), so I kind of appreciate just what you are saying about giving it your ‘voice’ as a photographer. I’ve tried to do much the same, though possibly less eloquently than you.

    Always greatly admired your photography and looking forward to getting my hands on “Five Decades.” An outstanding achievement!

    With highest regards,

  5. Bill, your book arrived today and it is everything I expected and more. Thank you and I am looking forward to sitting in front of the fire place a reading your words, as for the images I know most of them by heart.
    Thank’s again for a tremendous body of work over your lifetime that has not only influenced my photography but will also mold many photographers for generations to come.

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